Top 3 Bitcoin Baccarat Casinos

One of the most popular casino games of all time would be the table card game called “Baccarat”. Did you know that if not all, most of the casinos that we have scattered all over the world today have and will always have a Baccarat table? This card game is like the “slot machine” of table games due to its prominent presence in casinos.

The common misconception about the game is that if a regular physical casino has the game; online casinos should have them too, right? Wrong! Did you know that Baccarat is a card game that everyone knows and loves but is not present in all of the online casinos today? And that’s completely true!

Baccarat History

You know how to play Baccarat; a lot of people know how to play the game, but did you know when it started? The famous game was featured in a 1960’s James Bond movie “Dr. No” in a casino scene. If you are a fan of both Baccarat and James Bond, then you will never forget that scene. But where did the game started? The game was invented in Italy sometime in the 1400’s by a man named Felix Falguiere. Baccarat was also rumored to have been played by French royalties around that date as well. The point is that Baccarat has been played for a very long time now and might even probably be one of the first games included in early casinos; that’s how deep the game runs!

Websites that offer the best Bitcoin Baccarat

We have compiled a list of websites that you guys need to check out if you want to have some fun with Baccarat. These websites not only provide you with playable options for our favorite card game, they also provide online casino services that may be of great help to you in the long run. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

Play Baccarat with

One of the websites that we looked for a Baccarat table would be, of course, The website is not only famous for its sports betting lines, they also provide online casino services. Creating an account with them doesn’t take that much of your time since you only need to have an active email and you’re good to go. Baccarat tables in do not have their own tab listed; this is where their search bar works perfectly. Use the search bar to look for the Baccarat tables. Here they have more than a couple of tables spread between regular Baccarat tables and live ones. Since they have both regular and live tables, we will be showing you guys one of each.

First on the list of games that we will be showing you guys today is called “Mini Baccarat” from Cloudlet’s regular table games. When we say regular, we mean that this table is not played with a live dealer and you are not playing against other players as well. This is just you playing against the game. Shown in the screenshot above we can see that the chip denomination is between 1 and 100. Since the website doesn’t allow “FREE PLAY” we were unable to show you guys a screenshot of a game being played but was able to show you how the table looks like.

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The problem with websites such as is that they do not give any new account holders that benefit of looking into what they have and forces you to deposit BTC into your account to even just look around their tables. As you can see above, we were only able to show you guys the options that you get if you plan to play on their live Baccarat tables. But to be honest, they really got some awesome choices to choose from.

Live game providers like Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, and our favorite Asia Gaming provides dealers that are not hard on the eyes! And when it comes to live casino games, having good looking dealers is as important as having a good website to play these casino games at. Conclusion

The website is great since they not only provide regular and live Baccarat tables they also have live sports betting! What bothered us the most is the fact that we were unable to show you guys how awesome their live Baccarat table selection is due to the restrictions of using an account without any balance in it. With that being said, the website is solid and provides a good amount of games to choose from. is clearly a website that should be part of your “A-List” when looking for a place to play online Baccarat.

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Crypto Baccarat with

One of the websites that came to mind when talking about Baccarat is the website The website does not have that much regular baccarat to enjoy but they have a really good number of live baccarat tables to choose from! And if you are familiar with online gambling websites, especially the Bitcoin-oriented ones, huge websites that offer thousands of games often end up being “laggy” and the games do not load that fast. With a smaller casino website, it is faster to load games.

Starting the list of available Baccarat games here at is their regular listing of Baccarat which can be found under their “Card Games” tab. The game is provided by the popular online casino game provider SoftSwiss. The game is pretty much a basic Baccarat table with chip options of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. Since we do not have any balance in our account, we’re unable to show you guys a screenshot of the game that has been dealt.

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There are eight tables available for you guys to choose from if you decide to play live Baccarat here in There are a lot of tables to choose from and it only comes down to which one you would like to play with.

What are the factors in choosing the right live baccarat table? First, you need to look into how much you want to spend and what is your minimum bet. The available tables have different minimum and maximum bets that can be placed per deal; this is the first thing that you should put in mind.

Shown in the screenshot above is a sample of their regular Baccarat table with different chip denominations of 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100. As you guys can see, the table minimum for this game is 0.25 and the maximum bet is 250. The game itself loads pretty fast and you wouldn’t even expect it to be that fast since it is a live game. As mentioned earlier, a website like doesn’t have that much traffic compared to other big websites out there that offer casino games. Conclusion is a decent website that offers a good range of live Baccarat games to choose from. Since the website is not that “crowded” compared to other casinos today, the games here run smoothly and fast. Loading a game will not even take ten seconds to fully load and play immediately. Their live baccarat selection is amazing and has pretty dealers to top it all off. They do need more than just a couple of regular Baccarat tables but that’s fine since their live selection is enough to go around with.

We also would like to mention their VIP club wherein you get a lot of cash back incentives starting from 5% for Silver up to 10% if you are a Platinum member. On their website, they also mention that they have 24/7 customer support but they only have an email address provided. Overall, this website is great and they deliver on your Baccarat needs.

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We have provided you guys with a complete list of the top 3 bitcoin baccarat casinos that will not only provide you with your Baccarat needs, they also have a solid website, to begin with. Each and every website mentioned here have their own advantages and disadvantages, always make sure that you know them before committing and depositing any money for websites that do not support free play.

Websites that support free play are friendlier and gives you an idea of how their game works which helps you decide in the long run. Have you guys tried any of these websites mentioned above? Please do let us know your experiences in the comment section below!