Best VPN for Online Poker

How would you feel about gambling online and trying to see if you have run out of luck or if you can make some serious cash? Well, sites offering online poker options have been multiplying like crazy all over the world and this certainly highlights the demand of more people to join the game!

So, what makes online poker such a controversial issue and why some countries have made this activity illegal? Why are there countries (including Russia, Pakistan and India) that do not allow their citizens to engage in such games? Why is online poker rejected as a legal recreation alternative?

Well, things are quite complicated. In online poker, users gamble with real money. That money is not declared anywhere and this means that it cannot be taxed. In other words, you may win a large sum of money and the government will know nothing about it.

The hazard of money laundering is another issue that frightens a lot of governments. Plus, there are people who cannot put boundaries to their engagement in online gambling. Thus, they become addicted to connecting online and gambling all the time and many of them loose their money on very strange bitcoin investment schemes.

For all these reasons, online poker has become a matter of controversy. In several countries you will see that you cannot access online poker websites and sign in. This is why you need to come up with a way that overcomes the geographical limitations.

Of course, even when accessing the sites, you will feel like there is a privacy concern that you need to deal with. This means that you will feel potentially exposed to online threats including data theft.

In order to diminish the risk of financial transaction breaches, you should go ahead with using bitcoin as a payment method. This is going to make you complete the transactions of yours easily and effectively, without exposing your true identity to no-one.

However great the protection deriving from bitcoin might be, it does not cover the needs of Internet users seeking absolute online privacy. This is why a VPN is the perfect solution to consider. Let’s see what you can get out of using a VPN, when engaging in online gambling:


The Virtual Private Network works as an intermediary between you and your web connection. So, instead of exposing your IP address, you gain the IP address of the VPN server you connect to. This bypasses any geographical restrictions applied to online poker websites within your region.

Additionally, it helps you to encrypt all of your data and as a result offers you thorough online protection and no data leaks whatsoever. As you can see, it is really great to use a VPN service provider towards concealing your identity and covering your trace.

But, which VPN is the best and provides the optimal features that you should look for? This is a tough decision. Features like the layer of encryption, the use of bitcoin, the “no-logs policy”, the speed obtained and many others make the most out of the ideal VPN.

We have gathered the 5 best VPNs for online poker and we present them to you in our list:

  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is for some the fastest VPN worldwide and this is definitely justifiable by the speed they offer. The SSL network allows you to sigh with relief, as well as the 256-bit encryption that they provide in their 100+ VPN server locations. As far as privacy is concerned, there are no logs and bitcoin is an option for you when you pay for the subscription.Visit Expressvpn
  • IPVanish: IPVanish, another VPN service provider of high quality, offers anonymity, even when P2P file sharing and using Torrents. No logs are kept here is as well and there is the advanced 256-bit encryption that enables you to remain anonymous. No limit is placed in the bandwidth and the speed rate you get, while you can use bitcoins as payment method. The VPN network of IPVanish consists of servers located in 60+ countries and the customer support is top-notch.Visit IPvanish
  • offers you the opportunity to choose one of their 1600+ VPN servers in 43 countries and more. Zero logs policy makes it clear that you should not worry about anonymity. In this case, you also get unlimited bandwidth and high speed. You get to enjoy infinite server switching and up to 5 simultaneous connections. Last but not least, bitcoin is an option when purchasing the VPN plan of your choosing.Visit Torguard
  • NordVPN: NordVPN is an advanced VPN, with2048-bit SSL encryption that is completed twice. Their network includes 534 VPN servers, located in 47 countries universally. There are zero logs and there is an additional feature, the Kill Switch, which prevents any data leaks in case of VPN disconnection. Bitcoin is an acceptable payment method and you enjoy high speed throughout the connection. As you can see, there are wonderful features to look out for in this VPN service provider.Visit Nordvpn
  • allows no logs kept and this is the epitome of anonymity online. There are VPN locations all over the world, as well as high speed and unlimited bandwidth. When you buy the subscription of yours, you may choose bitcoin and enhance your anonymity even further. You get to empower your security layering with sophisticated security protocols, providing a safe environment.Visit

This is our list with the 5 best VPNs for online poker. Whether you live in a place where online gambling is forbidden or not, the VPN will help you out a great deal. It is obviously going to enhance your anonymity and then allow you to remain out of reach to snoopers and hackers, the government or anyone else. Choose the VPN service provider of your preference and enjoy online poker to the fullest!

Meta: Online poker can be really entertaining and, in order to avoid geographical limitations and online privacy breaches, the VPN is the perfect solution.