Top 3 Bitcoin Slots Casinos

One of the games that you will always find in a casino may it be online or a real one would be slot machines. There are countless of casinos that exist to this day that have slot machines to play with!

And we’re not just talking about a few machines, but a lot! The simplicity and huge rewards that come along with a slot machine are what created the popularity of the game all throughout casinos and of course, online Bitcoin casinos that we know of today.

Today, we will be looking into our top 3 websites that offer Bitcoin slots that will point you in the right direction. With this list, we will be showing you guys’ screenshots of the available slot games they offer, and of course, website features that play a big role in the best Bitcoin casino hunt.

Slots History

Where did it all start? There are a lot of people believe that the first slot machine was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey in San Francisco, United States. However, there are also a few people think that the first machine was made in 1887 by the same person. Fast forward a few years later, slot machines have become the anchor for casino businesses all around the world. When the internet revolution came, the surge of online casinos naturally adopted what regular casinos have, which are slot machines. Today, Bitcoin slots can be found in virtually any online casino website you can name.

Websites that offer the best Bitcoin Slots

As mentioned earlier, it is not hard to look for websites that offer Bitcoin slots. Provided below are not only websites that offer online slots, but are also known to provide customers with services that they might need in the long run as a registered account holder.


Play Slots with

First on our list is, a website that not only offers casino games but offers live sports betting as well. When talking about their slots, they have 178 available games to choose from. Popular titles include 2 Million B.C., 5x Magic, 7 Sins, 7th Heaven, Lucky Charms, 9 Figures Club, Ace of Spades, After Night Falls, Arrival, At the Movies, and Atlantic Treasures to name a few. Due to the number of available slots they have, we will not be able to show you everything but we will try to share a few games that we think are interesting to play with.

First on the list is their slot game “Big Win Cat” –because who doesn’t like cats? Aside from the regular slot game, they also have what is called the “wheel of multipliers” that multiplies your regular win! Shown in the screenshot above is the first slot machine game featured in this article.

The player can choose from bets raging from 0.05 up to 100 depending on how much you want to bet per spin. Since we are playing for FREE, we are unable to confirm if the same bets would be true for the real (real money bets) game.

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We tried putting in one 0.05 bet and was not lucky to get the jackpot; until we tried out putting in 100 just for fun and we won! We tried a few more spins after that lucky one but were not able to get it again, maybe it was just luck? Nonetheless, slot machine games rely on their esthetic beauty to lure people into playing them, coupled with crazy bonus chances then you’ve automatically got an all-time favorite!

Who doesn’t like loud roaring motorcycles? I know we do! The next slot machine game is called “Bikers Gang”. What’s great about this game is when you click “Spin” it revs like a motorcycle! At first, we thought that it was just another mediocre slot game but the title did not disappoint. For people that love motorcycles or just like the way the game is presented, this game is for you!

The third and last slot machine game we are going to cover for are called “After Night Falls”. If you are familiar with online casinos, we’re sure that you have seen this game hundred of times being promoted by different casinos or listed as one of their top Bitcoin slot games. The game bluntly reminds us of a mystery game wherein you try to crack a case with only a handful of clues provided. The only problem we have is that the “important” buttons like how much you want to bet are designed to blend in with the game itself and it makes it hard to spot them without spending some time looking for them. That is why we highlighted the important buttons for you guys to take note if you want to try it out. Conclusion

Overall, is a website that is filled with bitcoin slot surprises! They do not have a vast 1k+ game list but they provide the latest slots for you to enjoy! The mentioned games above provide not only interesting themes but provide solid experiences as well. Their website is awesome since they do not only provide slot games but also has live sports betting available for your sports betting needs. The website is also a registered casino which is awesome! Their customer service channel can be accessed through the “Support” button found on the lower right-hand side of the website. In addition, they offer FREE PLAY to people who want to try out their slot games without any credit in their accounts.

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Bitcoin Slots with

The second website that we are going to cover today will be and the available slot machine games they have for Bitcoin betting. is a recognized force in the online casino game scene. They have been providing gambling options for people around the world for more than a decade now. With that strong of a resume, who in the right mind would not include their name on the list? They not only provide casino games, they are also one of the largest sports betting websites today! is not specific about how many games they offer, but we know it’s a lot!

Who would not click the cute little panda? First on the list under is their slot machine game “Little Panda”! The game is provided by Endorphina, a company that has been a backbone of online casino websites by providing awesome new ideas to the table.

Little Panda is one of their latest Bitcoin slot games and we’re happy to provide you with a preview of the game itself. What you see is what you get you need to get a panda combination in order to win. Bets range from 1 to 10 depending on how many “Ways” you want to win. The game will have an automated calculation on how much your total bet is.

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One of the interesting games that we spotted here at is called “Western Slot”. The stake per spin can easily be adjusted on the lower part of the game window. Game lines can also be adjusted from between 1 to 5 lines and auto play can also be activated if you just want to play without any limits at all. Our advice when it comes to games that have this option is to not use it if you want to play it smart. Always go one spin at a time, this way you will be able to control your winnings and loses.

Probably the most obvious title we have run into would be their slot game called triple 7. Here you can easily multiply your bet amount up to a hundred times! The multipliers shown on the left-hand side panel of the game has the combinations shown and how much you will be getting in return if you get one of the listed combinations. This is probably the easiest slot machine game we have for since it embodies the original idea behind the first slot machine ever created in 1800’s. Conclusion

The website as a whole has a lot of history behind it and is one of the prominent websites to gamble online today using Bitcoins. They have been providing gambling services for over a decade now and are showing no signs of slowing down. is the place to play slot games and features that you get to experience the full online casino genre. Not only that, they offer live casino games and sports betting for people that want to have that for their slot casino website. When it comes to customer service, they offer live chat support that can help any type of concern and resolve it as quickly as possible. All-in-all, a good solid website with lots of cryptocurrencies accepted.

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Crypto Slots with

The third and last website we will be talking about today will be The website does not offer any live sports betting services but they are good when it comes to providing a myriad of slot machine games to choose from! Just like the previous website that we talked about, also did not mention on how many slot games that are available to play with. Without further delay, let’s get into showing you guys some of the available games they have! They have one of the most generous bonuses.

The title of the game “King of Monkeys” just screams out to us and we were unable to resist its calling! Players are able to bet between 0.01 BTC up to 0.20 BTC per line. Total bets can be found on the bar right below the total balance of your account. Since allows FREE PLAY we are not sure if the bet numbers are the same when it comes to real money. The game also has an auto spin for people that like to have this feature with their slot machine game.

One of the featured games on their list is called “Durga”, by the looks of the game it’s Indian inspired and provided by Endorphina. By experience, we know that Endorphina is one of those companies that provide quality games for online casino websites. We tried the game out and surprisingly it operates really smooth and does not have any delays whatsoever when spinning. What’s crazy is that when you get to complete the scary face combo, it moves! Yes, the game is a 3D slot machine game wherein players are able to experience animated tokens. In addition, the game also has a “double your money or nothing” mode wherein you will be redirected to a mini-game to get the chance to double your money or get nothing.

The last game we will be talking about today for is called “Tree of Fortune” and is a generic online slot machine game with a Chinese “Feel” into it. While you play the game you will be serenaded by Asian inspired percussions and drums. Again, the game does not have any latency issues and works pretty smoothly. The total bet coins cannot be changed as it is always set to 25. The only thing that you are able to change is the value per coin which ranges from 0.01 up to 1.00 per spin. Conclusion

What we noticed about the bitcoin slot games here at is that they literally perform smoothly than the other two websites we have covered earlier. The reason behind this is that instead of extending their services up to sports betting, they are focused on providing casino games instead. This is something that you should put in mind when looking for the next bitcoin casino to play at.

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The mentioned websites above should have a great impact on helping you guys find the best bitcoin slot casino to play at. These three different websites not only offer a great selection of slot machines but they also offer a lot when it comes to the overall experience of playing on an online casino website. We know how hard it is to look for the best ones to play at especially if the website is filled with so many options to choose from! We hope that with the top 3 list that we have compiled would be of great help. Have you guys tried any of the mentioned websites above? Please do let us know in the comment section below!