Where to Buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been growing rapidly in demand over the past few years. As an innovative method of payment, this currency has been winning the hearts of tech lovers and not only them. Due to its practical nature and thanks to its versatile features and multiple benefits, Bitcoin has managed to become a leading competitor in online payments. Anonymity is embraced and this is why Bitcoin is the suggested method of payment for VPN subscribers worldwide. It works on any device and it helps people towards facilitating their overall financial transactions.

However, there are people who are not familiar with Bitcoin and how it works. There are those who cannot fully grasp the idea of paying without real money or credit cards. Now, in this article I am going to show you where you can buy Bitcoins in a safe and reliable manner. So, let’s get started!

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins?

Once you have created your own Wallet, you will need to buy some Bitcoins to get started. This digital currency can be purchased, using a few different methods that are equally trustworthy and offer instant results. Let’s have a look at the various ways for you to purchase Bitcoins:

From a person: This is the easiest way for you to buy Bitcoins. Of course, there are problems emerging from this method – for instance, where can you find another person and is he to be trusted? Fortunately, there are platforms that can help you out towards finding a reliable person or even selling your own, extra Bitcoins with safety and guaranteed profit.

On an exchange: There are exchanges and outlets, where you can buy Bitcoins. This is not as fast as the person to person exchange of Bitcoins, but it enables you to fully control a safe transaction. In this case, the transactions are not anonymous, though – this fact has both pros and cons, as you can imagine. On the one side, you are secured and on the other hand your traces are there. Also there are bitcoin debit card providers like cryptopay where you can send EUR or USD to the debit card and exchange it to bitcoin.

From an ATM: Apparently, you will need a Bitcoin ATM for buying Bitcoins in this way. On the bright side, their number continuously grows and this upward trajectory is not going to stop any time soon. The whole process is pretty easy, as you simply have to scan your QR for identifying your Wallet on Bitcoin. From then on, you choose the currency of your preference and insert the cash. This is it!

According to the method that you have chosen, there are multiple payment forms that you can go ahead with. For instance, you can pay via cash (as we have highlighted in the case of ATMs) or using a credit card, wire transfer etc. Now, let’s move forward with some of the most reliable exchange marketplaces. By checking them out, you can find the payment options that you have in each scenario.

Exchange / Marketplaces for Buying Bitcoins

LocalBitcoins: At LocalBitcoins, you can buy or sell Bitcoins in your country. You can use cash or other methods, depending on the agreement that you make with the other person. The financial transactions are pretty fast and you can find the most profitable rates on the market, especially if you compare and contrast the various options you get. If you want to buy Bitcoins online, you can do that via bank transfer or with the contribution of Western Union, for example. There are no restrictions, other than those applied by both parts of the agreement.

Visit LocalBitcoins Website

Coinbase: Coinbase is another marketplace, where you can purchase Bitcoins at great rates and with absolute security. After signing up, you will be prompted to add your bank account. So, this is what you are going to need, prior to beginning buying Bitcoins. UK residents can also engage in wire transfer. If you are OK with sharing your bank account, this is a pretty neat solution.

Visit Coinbase Website

Bitstamp: With Bitstamp, you will be encouraged to place the details of your bank account as well. So, you will need to share this information online and have the account verified. This is a must, before being able to deposit money and buy Bitcoins online. The website is pretty modern and easy to navigate, with safety precautions and with the most convenient price rates of the market.

Visit Bitstamp Website

These are just few of the marketplaces available for you to choose from, in your research on buying Bitcoins. Of course, you can go ahead with extending your searches and finding other alternatives, too. It is in your hands to find the most suitable solution that meets your criteria and that does not involve a lot of difficult procedures for the purchase to take place. As for the use of Bitcoins, it is literally inexhaustible. You can use it for completing anonymous payments, donating money online and making online payments without any problems or delays. The sky is the limit, when you use Bitcoins. Just be careful and gather all the information that you need, before actually selecting a payment method and proceeding with the purchase of Bitcoins!